Three tips on how to manage change in your business

Autumn, the leaves are turning orange and dropping to the floor and the birds are heading south. We, as a nation, made a big change without having much trouble in doing so. Our stock market, transport system, media outlets and schools, right down to the mobile phones in our pockets changed our daily habits by jumping an hour back and we seemingly didn’t feel a thing.

The extra hour in bed never hurts but is there more to it? Could there be some interesting ideas which can be drawn from this collective experience? Could these be applied to change in your organisation?

1. Make it part of your culture

We just know that the change in time is coming, there are no surprises. It happens at the same time twice a year. There may be the odd missed lunch rendez-vous but as a whole it went pretty seamlessly.

Embedding change into the culture will also means that when large shifts need to happen you will only need to notch it up a gear instead of having to get everyone used to something new. It will open opportunities for your people to instigate change. They will start being the agents of change for your organisation.

Making change part of the culture of your organisation will render it more flexible and able to adapt to future challenges.

2. Inform your organisation

If you do know that change is happening, tell people around you. As the polite newsreader has reminded us on Saturday night that the clocks are jumping back by an hour, let your team know that change is coming.

However small the change seems to be a clear communication plan is crucial so teams can prepare and highlight any concerns in advance. No one likes a surprise update in their inbox which means that tomorrow looks dramatically different from today.

Most importantly explain why change is happening.

3. Explain why

As the nights get longer and the mornings get darker it becomes a real drag to get out of bed and feel energised for the day. The hour difference gives us more light to get us started and for a while gives us the pleasure of seeing the sun before heading into work.

Not everyone agrees it is worth the change but the vast majority accept this and everyone updates to the new drum beat. Explain why the change is important and what it will allow the organisation to do.

Having a shared understanding of why the change is happening and a rallying call for everyone to get behind will ultimately facilitate change and give it the momentum required to be successful.

That’s it! Three tips on how to manage change in your business. If you have your own tips I would love to hear them.